What is a drop mailbox?

Answer A drop mailbox is one of the basic collection and delivery units used by the U.S. Postal Service. Anyone who receives mail uses a drop mailbox.FunctionThe drop mailbox is a unit used by the postal... Read More »

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Who invented the letter drop mailbox?

An African American from Boston, Massachusetts, named Phillip Downing invented the letter drop mailbox on October 27, 1891. Downing's mailboxes were placed on the streets in town, making it more co... Read More »

Does anyone know the drop code for the million pound drop on 29th october?

you could try youtube or if you type in blinkx remote on google it might be on there

What Is a Mailbox Record?

A mailbox record is a component of a domain name system (DNS) zone database. The mailbox record identifies the host domain name that contains the mailbox. Mail sent to the domain will be routed to ... Read More »

What is a POP3 mailbox?

A POP3 mailbox is a type of email inbox that receives email via a POP3 server. The POP3 server virtually holds the email until the person accesses the inbox. Some types of POP3 mailboxes include Ou... Read More »