What is a drop list hearing in court?

Answer This is a hearing for Attorney's and Pro-Se filers or both, for inactive cases which still have pending motions or other matters within the case which has not been addressed, but sitting on the Cou... Read More »

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What was the result of the court hearing in the outsider?

Pony was separated to a boys home and randy hated him for getting him arrested. Even though pony did nothing wrong. Darry became a soc.

What is an informal hearing in civil court?

An informal hearing in civil court is usually a meeting convened by a presiding judge to discuss administrative matters concerning the underlying civil action pending in court.Formal HearingA forma... Read More »

What Happens at a Civil Court Hearing?

A judge in a civil court hearing decides several kinds of legal issues. Formal civil court hearings look like a trial, just without a jury. The parties to the lawsuit may testify and present witne... Read More »

What Is a Civil Status Hearing Set by the Court?

According to the U.S. Supreme Court, a status hearing is a meeting between the plaintiff and the defendant and their legal representation, as well as a judge or meditating party. Their goal is to g... Read More »