What is a drop cap in a word processor?

Answer You create a drop cap when you make the letter at the beginning of a sentence much bigger than the others. You've probably seen it in some children's books when one big letter appears, often in a f... Read More »

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What is it called when a word processor automatically takes the next word to a new line?

Word processing software employs the use of word wrap, a function by which the word processor moves words at the end of one line to a new line of text based on factors, such as the length of the li... Read More »

Hp printer not printing from word pad or word processor!!?

Is word processor compatible with Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Works Word Processor is a program for creating basic word documents, and files created using this software (version 6 through 9) are compatible with Microsoft Office Word 2003, 2007, and ... Read More »

What is a word processor used for?

While the functions included in word processors have evolved over the years, they're still used for the same basic purpose, to create written documents. Word processors are like digital typewriters... Read More »