What's your favorite drinking game?

Answer go through the alphabet, for every letter, name a sexual phrase. if you cant think of one, you drink. simple.

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Would or have you played this drinking game?

If all that is required is placing a mustache cut out and I get free beer, I'm in. *runs out of room crying*

How to Play the "Who Am I" Drinking Game?

The "Who am I" game has many variations and methods to play. This specific version can be seen in the movie, "Inglourious Bastards." It can be played with more than 3 people.

How to Play the Drinking Game King's Cup?

King's aka “King’s Cup” or “Circle of Death” is a game that is perfect for any party or small gathering.

How to Play the Family Guy Drinking Game?

This game is good for a group of friends that love the show "Family Guy" and don't want to go out to a bar to have their drinks. The basic idea is: Watch Family Guy and get drunk.