What do game show question cards look like?

Answer Scott Valentine played Justine Bateman,s (Mallory Keaton) boyfriend Nick on Family Ties.

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What kind of printer is used to make game cards.? That stuff is mass produced, it's not a regular printer. More like a (prob digital) printing press that can print on large sheets of paper/cardstock and have machines that cut it. Presses la... Read More »

What time of the day is it acceptable to start drinking alcohol without being considered an alcoholic?

That's a tough one. Lots of people drink when attending sporting events (or watching them on TV). What do you do if you're watching some sporting event in another country at 8:00 AM? Will you be... Read More »

What kind of way is easy to rid of VERY spicy taste without drinking water like nuts!?

Eat bread or crackers. You need something to absorb the oils in the spices.

What is the answer to Martins riddle in the game your Sims Agents what is the place where castles are built everyday people bathe without water and people brush their hair without a comb?