What is the difference between down alternative and white down comforter?

Answer Down comforter is a fabric shell filled with goose or duck down whereas the Down alternative is synthetic or natural filling material used in comforters and duvets, with insulating and warming prop... Read More »

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What can I do to stop my glasses from sliding down my nose when I look down?

i'll fix your glasses for you,how does that sound?

What is the difference between down&alternative down comforters?

When the weather turns cold, many people like to pile warm, plush blankets and comforters on the bed. The options can be confusing, especially when it comes to down comforters or down alternative ... Read More »

WMR has been down for hours now. Its currently after 7 am and its still down. Maybe this will be what we've al?

Mine was accepted on the 19th and WMR says they cant provide any info to wait up to 3 weeks. I always worry when it comes to taxes, I dont know why though. So Im calling in a bit to see what they say

Can anyone tell me what is Mbp down and Kbps up or down?

7.0Mbps (Mega bits per second, NOT Mega Bytes per second [MBps]) downstream (download to this computer) is VERY good. Most cable internet service providers give users about 3.0Mbps downstream. 512K... Read More »