What is a dovetail joint used for?

Answer Dovetail joints are carpentry joints constructed by interlocking wedge-shaped segments called "tails" and "pins." The tail portion, which looks like a dove's spread tail, fits into the pin portion.... Read More »

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What is the common pitch or angle used to create a lapped dovetail joint?

The slope for lapped dovetail joints (as well as regular dovetail joints) is usually 1:6 for softwoods or 1:8 for hardwood, though some people do 1:7 for both so that they can use the same template... Read More »

Who invented the dovetail joint?

The earliest examples of the dovetail joint predate written history, so there is no way to know for sure who first invented it. Early examples of the dovetail joint have been found in tombs dating ... Read More »

What is a mortise&tenon joint used for?

Due to the strength of the timber-joining mortise and tenon joint, furniture makers and woodworkers often use it in the construction of drawers and cabinetry. Contractors also utilize this type of ... Read More »

What is the difference between a dovetail& a tenon saw?

Two types of saws that make specific types of cuts are called dovetail and tenon saws. These saws have various uses, but are primarily used in the craft of furniture making.Dovetail SawA dovetail s... Read More »