What is a dough sheeter?

Answer A dough sheeter is a machine that presses dough into thin, uniform sheets. Typically used in commercial applications--as pastry rollers in bakeries, for instance--a dough sheeter saves time and eff... Read More »

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What is a dough cutter?

At its simplest, a dough cutter is any implement meant specifically for cutting dough. Cutters range from those that make a simple one-line cut to decorative cutters that leave the dough separated ... Read More »

What is a dill dough?

There are two meanings to this word. 1) a dough to make bread with the flavor of dill weed. 2)a fake penis.

What Does Dough Relaxer Do?

Bread dough relaxer combines natural baking ingredients to create a powder that when added to dough helps it to relax. This makes working with dough and trying to form dough into various shapes con... Read More »

What is crescent roll dough?

Crescent roll dough is used to bake the half-moon-shaped dinner rolls known as crescent rolls; its ingredients include flour, water, yeast, butter, milk, salt and sugar.BrandsPillsbury makes prepac... Read More »