What is a double parallel fold?

Answer Double parallel fold is a term used in desktop publishing and printing. It refers to one of the many ways of folding brochures. Understanding the different types of brochure templates can help you ... Read More »

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How do I Fold a Tike Tech Double Jogger?

The Tike Tech Double Jogger is a jogging stroller made by the X-Tech Outdoors Inc. Company. The jogging stroller features an oval frame with a dual rear suspension meant to create a comfortable rid... Read More »

Double Fold Bias Tape Instructions?

Bias tape is one of the most versatile elements in a seamstress's arsenal. Double fold bias tape is commonly used for binding and trim, and when top-stitched shut it is often used for straps on dre... Read More »

Easy Fold Double Daisy Punch Instructions?

The Fold-It "easy fold" double daisy punch manufactured by Hot Off The Press is a handheld paper punch that contains a daisy petal shaped die. The punch is used to cut out a series of petals that a... Read More »

What is a parallel branch called in a parallel circuit?

Electricians simply call the branches in a parallel circuit "branches." If you reference the current through branches, call each branch a "path." Call components that impede current within branches... Read More »