What is a double entry visa?

Answer Visas are a necessary part of traveling internationally. There are restrictions and requirements when entering another country; meeting visa requirements and adhering to the terms of the visa is ju... Read More »

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Malaysian holding uk visa entry to switzerland do we need any visa?

Regardless of their status in the UK, Malaysian citizens do not need a visa to enter Switzerland - even if their stay is longer than the usual 3 months. Just bring your passport.

What Is a Double Entry Account?

Sales, expenses and other business transactions are entered as journal entries, which are then posted to a company's ledgers. In a double-entry system, at least two entries to two different account... Read More »

How to Get a Vietnam Entry Visa?

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam and need to get a Visa? Are you traveling and Vietnam is in your expected path of travel? Described in the steps below are the two ways to go about securing that ... Read More »

Who invented double entry bookkeeping?

Benedetto Cotrugli is the true inventor of double-entry bookkeeping, although the Italian monk Luca Pacioli is often credited for the invention. Cotrugli's manuscript, "Of Trading and the Perfect T... Read More »