What is a dopamine drip used for?

Answer If you've ever visited a family member in the intensive care unit (ICU) who has a number of intravenous (IV) lines, chances are you've seen a dopamine drip that delivers diluted dopamine directly i... Read More »

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Why is drip irrigation used for strawberries in Brazil?

Because the leaf of the strawberry plant is very subject to disease from water sitting on the leaf overnight. This will kill the cells in the leaf and make brown spots that can eventually kill the ... Read More »

How to Play Drip, Drip, Splash?

Picture this: It's summertime, and it's hot! You want to play a game, but don't want to overheat, what should you play? Drip, drip, splash is a great game to play when the weather is hot. It is lik... Read More »

What are the pharmacokinetics of dopamine?

Dopamine, also known as Intropin or Revimine, is a heart medication used to improve cardiac output and thereby to increase blood supply to the kidneys. The pharmacokinetics of a drug looks at how a... Read More »

What is the role of dopamine?

Dopamine is extremely important to the body's ability to remain mentally and physically healthy, such as during addiction, when exposure to certain drugs interferes with how the body processes dopa... Read More »