What are the parts of a doorknob?

Answer The doorknob is the mechanical device that latches a door closed. There are a variety of different doorknobs, some with built-in locks and others without.IdentificationA doorknob consists of six ke... Read More »

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What kind of simple machine is a doorknob?

There are seven types of simple machines--from the inclined plane, screw and wedge to the pulley, gears, lever, and wheel and axle. The common household item of a door knob is an example of a wheel... Read More »

What is the best doorknob brand that is hard to pick?

Any high-end door know that uses a lever to open with is the best.

What was the name of Johnny Carson's phobia of backing into a doorknob?

Doorknob Components?

In the grand scheme of things, the history of the doorknob is modest. For many centuries, instead of knobs, people used rings or keys to open doors. As knobs become popular on furniture, their use ... Read More »