What is Flu with manifestation NEC?

Answer flu with other manifestations, usually upper respiratory symptoms, cough, nasal congestion ect. ICD9 code 487.8

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Why is fever a manifestation of various illnesses?

A fever is your body's way of increasing its core temperature. Majority of the pathogenic organisms that can be harmful to your body survive and thrive at 37 degrees Celsius. When your body increas... Read More »

What is a manifestation clause as it pertains to a general liability insurance policy?

A mOn anifestation clause on a full occurence policy completely changes and limits an insured's policy. Most insureds with a manifestation clause on their policy either do not know they have one, d... Read More »

Can someone tell you what exactly is a Manifestation occurrence Form Liability coverage And how it is different pro or con to a claims made policy?

Answer The occurrence policy is designed to cover occurrences that take place during the policy period. The claims made policy is designed to cover claims that are reported during the policy per... Read More »

What is divine justice?

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