What is a diverter valve leak?

Answer A diverter valve is a device used in showers, tubs and other faucets that directs water to different outlets, such as a tub spout and a showerhead. Usually found behind the water control knob, dive... Read More »

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What is a diverter valve?

Diverter valves direct industrial material from an inlet to a selected outlet. Two types exist: With wye line diverters, a hinged disc covers one outlet. With diverters for liquids, pneumatic press... Read More »

What Is a Air Diverter Valve for a Car?

An air diverter valve is part of automotive emission control systems that have air pumps deliver air to the exhaust system. The air diverter valve diverts excess exhaust system air flow based on se... Read More »

What is a turbo diverter valve?

A turbo diverter valve is a type of escape route for the turbo boost when the engine is not using it, according to Euro Sport Accessories. The diverter valve opens when the throttle body is closed,... Read More »

What is a plumbing diverter valve?

In plumbing, a "diverter valve" refers to any device designed to change the direction of flow of liquids. For example, many bathtub spouts have diverter valves to change water flow to the shower.Re... Read More »