What is a distribution transformer?

Answer Although many types of transformers assist in the distribution of electricity from power-generating stations to users around the country, power companies generally use the term distribution transfo... Read More »

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Can a 50 VA transformer replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump?

A 50 VA (volt-ampere) transformer can replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump. The new transformer can yield a maximum of 50 VA; however, it will only supply the power the heat pump demands. In ... Read More »

What is a variable transformer?

A variable transformer is a transformer with an adjustable output voltage. Also called Variacs and autotransformers, most variable transformers have a rotor in place of a standard fixed iron core. ... Read More »

What is an electrical transformer?

One of the problems with the transmission of electricity over long distances is that the longer the wire, the more voltage necessary to keep a current flowing across it. Electrical transformers all... Read More »

What is a lighting transformer?

A lighting transformer, also known as a current transformer, is needed if you are installing lighting that requires a constant current. The lighting transformer device will measure the current ente... Read More »