What is a dispossessary warrant?

Answer A dispossessory warrant is a legal order from a court associated with landlord-tenant law. It is primarily used when dealing with the removal of a tenant from a property location involuntarily.Back... Read More »

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What Is a COC Warrant?

COC, in the legal world, stands for contempt of court. COC prevents the judicial system from functioning properly. There are two different types of COC, criminal and civil. Criminal contempt usual... Read More »

What is a tax warrant?

A state tax warrant is a lien that is put on a taxpayer's property when he fails to pay a tax, interest, fee or penalty that he owes the state department of revenue. Typically, the warrant is filed... Read More »

What is a Steagald warrant?

A Steagald warrant is a written order issued from a court ordering the search of a third party's home to arrest the suspect of a felony. Law enforcement agents or police must have both an arrest wa... Read More »

What Is a Civil Warrant?

A civil warrant, or bench warrant, is an arrest warrant issued by a civil judge that allows the police to arrest the person named in the warrant. Civil warrants are frequently issued for non-paymen... Read More »