What is a director of nursing?

Answer After some experience on the job, a nurse may be eligible for a director of nursing position at her current job or another facility. These jobs typically require supervision of a team of nurses, am... Read More »

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What are the duties of a director of nursing in a nursing home?

Nursing homes require a director of nursing to supervise the nurses on staff, work with administrators and implement programming. The director of nursing is also involved in the long-term planning ... Read More »

What is the salary for a director of nursing?

The median salary for a director of nursing is $109,812 as of November 2009, according to Salary Wizard. The highest average salary is $126,699. Director of nursing salaries vary by experience and ... Read More »

What are the duties of a director of nursing?

A director of nursing at a hospital, health clinic, nursing home or other medical facility is responsible for the supervision of the entire nursing staff. The leadership roles associated with this ... Read More »

What is a hospital nursing service director?

Some nurses with the appropriate experience and educational requirements may be eligible for a position as the hospital nursing services director. Along with responsibilities regarding supervision ... Read More »