What is a direct primary election?

Answer In U.S. politics, a direct primary election is a process used in many states that allows voters to choose party nominees for various elective positions.Party ProcessSince the development of politic... Read More »

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What is the definition of a primary election?

A primary election is generally the first of two elections in the process of selecting candidates to fill public offices. The general election is where the winning candidate is chosen to fill the o... Read More »

What is the primary election process?

Primary elections represent a process by which each political party selects from among its membership candidates who will run for office it in an upcoming general election. The methods by which pri... Read More »

What is a presidential primary election?

A presidential primary election in the U.S. political system is a process used by political parties in some states to select a nominee for president.HistoryPrior to the 20th century, political part... Read More »

What happens in a primary election?

Primary elections developed in the early 20th century as a means for U.S. voters to have more say in selecting candidates for political parties versus party leadership having total control. Candida... Read More »