What is a digital to analog converter?

Answer Digital television is an advanced broadcasting technology that allows for a better television experience, if you have the digital receiver to pick up the signal. If you only have an analog receiver... Read More »

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Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?

Who has the best digital to analog tv converter?

On One Hand: Consumer Reports Chooses AccessThe venerable Consumer Reports published ratings of more than 30 digital television (DTV) converter boxes on its subscription-based site and ranked the A... Read More »

How many bits must an analog to digital converter be?

Analog to digital converter bit counts will vary depending on the application. While a 10-bit converter is adequate for a digital thermometer, CD-quality sound requires 16 bits, and high-end audio... Read More »

Analog to Digital TV Converter Boxes?

The common converter boxes (the cheap ones eligible for the $40 off coupons starting in Jan 08) can only tune into one channel at a time. If you wanted to record one channel on your old VCR while w... Read More »