What is a digital scale?

Answer A digital scale is an electronic weighing instrument that displays results in a digital format. Digital scales use load cell technology and offer the user a more precise reading then their counterp... Read More »

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How much is 1.6g on a digital scale?

If something registers as weighing 1.6g on a digital scale, then it weighs 1.6 grams. This weight converts to approximately 0.056 ounces or three thousandths of a pound.References:Online Conversion... Read More »

How Do I Calibrate My Digital Scale?

There are numerous types of digital scales, ranging from small ones for food and other light objects to larger scales that people weigh themselves on. If a digital scale is not calibrated, and ther... Read More »

Which scale is more accurate: digital or dial?

On One Hand: Digital is User FriendlyA digital scale is easily readable and offers an exact readout in pounds or kilograms. Getting a reading on weight down to the ounce takes out any guesswork, wh... Read More »

How do I calibrate my digital scale without a manual?

Having an uncalibrated digital scale is useless, since you won't know if the weight it gives you is accurate. Depending on the type of digital scale you are operating, which can range from small co... Read More »