What is a digital piano?

Answer A digital piano is a modernized electronic musical instrument that is designed to duplicate the look and feel of a traditional acoustic piano. Instead of using strings and hammers as traditional pi... Read More »

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How to Buy a Digital Piano?

Digital pianos are perfect for playing Beethoven when everyone is sleeping. And not to mention you never have to tune it when you move. However, they are many differences among the quality of digit... Read More »

What is your suggestion for Digital Piano?

With those two being your only criteria, I could give you a list of several dozen digital pianos that would meet your needs.... let's whittle it down some.So far, the most realistic in terms of fee... Read More »

You are looking for wireless earbuds for a digital piano?

it has 3 conductors at the end, whre 1 remains common and other two are independent, so that both left and right speakears are independent and are stereo.

Is the Yamaha DGX-620 any good (Digital Piano)?

Yes, for the price it's a very good digital piano. Expect to pay no more than £599 for it. The main difference between the 520 and the 620 is that the 520 does not have weighted keys, so gives n... Read More »