What is a digital media card reader?

Answer When using a digital media device, the ability to transfer the contents to a computer is invaluable. These devices use media cards as a memory or storage device. The digital media card readers tran... Read More »

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What is a 7 in 1 digital media card reader?

If you find yourself buried under personal electronic equipment, you probably have several types of digital storage media cards, and each has its own files to manage. A media card reader can limit ... Read More »

How do I Open the Gateway Lx Series Pop-Top 15-In-1 Digital Media Card Reader?

Gateway computers was founded in 1985 and acquired in October 2007 by Acer, Inc. Gateway LX series desktop computers are designed to take media computing to the next level by integrating a 15-in-1 ... Read More »

Is the Aluratek multiformat media-card reader compatible with the SmartMedia card?

The Aluratek USB 2.0 Multi-Media Card Reader, product name AUCR204, along with the Aluratek Combo USB 2.0 Hub / Card Reader, product name AUHR300, can both read SmartMedia cards. The other Aluratek... Read More »

Can I remove a flash card from a media card reader in Vista without stopping?

While you can remove a flash card from a card reader without following Windows Vista's "safely remove hardware" procedure, failure to eject a memory card properly may corrupt the data it contains.R... Read More »