What is a digital ballast?

Answer Florescent lighting fixtures use a ballast system to regulate the amount of electrical current supplied to the lamp. Without a ballast, the florescent lamp would overheat and burn out within one se... Read More »

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What is a HID ballast?

A HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp ballast is a kind of lamp that produces electrical light by using an arc placed between electrodes made out of tungsten and kept in a transparent fused quartz ... Read More »

What is a ballast used for?

Ballasts are used in fluorescent lighting. The primary function of a ballast is to control the amount of electrical current sent to the light so it can be turned on. Without a ballast to control th... Read More »

What is a ballast starter?

A ballast starter is used in some types of lighting--most commonly in fluorescent lighting--and is the mechanism that allows the light to turn on. The ballast limits the amount of current the light... Read More »

How to Test an HID Ballast?

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are a popular choice for car headlights. These bulbs produce a bright light that is perfect for nighttime vision. HID bulbs are connected to ballasts that cont... Read More »