What is a difference between the North and South?

Answer The North was the antislavery part of the country; The South was a pro-slavery part of the country.

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Difference between south and north Indian food cuisine?

The biggest difference would be the heat of curries, they are far stronger and hotter in the south.As there are so many different cultures there is a huge range of differences.Dune

Do all rivers run north to south?

Though the Mississippi River runs from north to south, not all rivers in the world flow in this direction. For example, the Nile River in Africa flows south to north and the Amazon River in South A... Read More »

Which is warmer: the north or the south pole?

Antarctica, on which the south pole is located, is the coldest place on the planet. The lowest temperature ever recorded, -128 degree F, was recorded there. The highest temperature ever recorded at... Read More »

Why were North& South Carolina founded?

North and South Carolina were originally part of the same English colony in North America. They were part of the larger European project to settle in what they called the New World.First Settlement... Read More »