What is a diabetes nutrition program?

Answer Individuals with diabetes face a number of challenges in dealing with the potential side effects of unregulated blood sugar. A diabetes nutrition program is an approach to eating that helps support... Read More »

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Is type 2 diabetes associated with poor nutrition?

Type 2 diabetes is highly associated with poor nutrition and is highly preventable. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, maintaining a healthy weight, staying active and eating a healt... Read More »

Online Degree Program in Nutrition?

Nutritionists and dietitians plan food and nutrition programs and promote healthy eating habits, according to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. An online degree in nutrition ... Read More »

What is the nutrition statutes in Tennessee and as a fitness nutrition specialist how will it affect your practice?

You need to contact the Tennessee Board of Health to get all the info on nutrition as pertains to your specialty. I believe you must also be licensed by the state.

Could anyone explain just how losing weight helps diabetes since not everyone who has diabetes is overweight?

Excess of fat in the fat cells reduces the body's ability to use insulin which affects the utilisation of blood sugar by the body cells....when u lose some weight, that is when fat is lost, insulin... Read More »