What is a Harley Davidson Deuce?

Answer The Deuce arrived as a stylish addition to Harley-Davidson's Softail line of factory motorcycles. As a factory motorcycle with a custom look, the Deuce successfully brings together fashion and func... Read More »

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What does a deuce&a half mean?

The slang term "deuce and a half" is used in reference to the 2 1/2-ton trucks used by the U.S. Army starting in the 1930s. These trucks were made my GMC, Reo Motors and Studebaker, and included th... Read More »

What does"revved up like a deuce"mean?

Originally written "Cut loose like a deuce" by songwriter Bruce Springsteen, the Manfred Mann Earth Band changed the words for their version of "Blinded by the Light." The lyrics are a reference to... Read More »

What kind of headphones does deuce where on shake it up?

How to Fix the Brakes on a Deuce & a Half?

Timely brake replacement is vital for safe operation of any motor vehicle. If you begin to hear a squealing sound as you apply the brakes on your F-250, you have already waited too long, and you n... Read More »