What is a detention center?

Answer The term detention center refers to any place used to detain an individual or group. Types of detention centers include jail, prison, concentration camps and buildingsused to detain illegal immigra... Read More »

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Can you get your GED in a juvenile detention center?

Your right to get a GED or attend classes while in a juvenile detention center varies by the state. Some states offer school within the centers while others have GED programs. Depending on your sta... Read More »

List of the Roles of the Director of a Youth Detention Center?

The director of a youth detention center supervises staff, develops programs for center detainees, plans and delegates daily schedules and activities, coordinates those activities, and implements a... Read More »

Is Bob Barker game show host the same of Bob Barker Co making detention center supplies?

in fact i was wondering the same thing dudeHe certainly is. I was researching the rumor that he started it because a relative was jailed without access to things like soap when I found this questio... Read More »

How to Be Okay at Your First Detention?

You've never gotten a detention before, right? But today, you just happened to lie about getting an A on an assignment that you never did...and your teacher finds out! Oops, that's terrible! But to... Read More »