What is a detainer warrant?

Answer A detainer warrant is a legal term that can have two different meanings, depending on which type of law is being applied. The term is regularly used in both criminal law and also in landlord-tenant... Read More »

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Can a landlord give an unlawful detainer on Section 8 housing?

A landlord can give an unlawful detainer notice on Section 8 housing. However, the landlord is required to give the tenant 90 days notice and the notice must specify that the landlord does not wish... Read More »

Can an action in forcible entry and detainer eviction be filed against the Condo Owner if fine imposed for violation of rules and Regulation?

Your question is complicated. Since you offer no clue as to the severity of the violation, we can only offer rather generic answers. Read your governing documents to determine which violation has o... Read More »

What Is a COC Warrant?

COC, in the legal world, stands for contempt of court. COC prevents the judicial system from functioning properly. There are two different types of COC, criminal and civil. Criminal contempt usual... Read More »

What is a tax warrant?

A state tax warrant is a lien that is put on a taxpayer's property when he fails to pay a tax, interest, fee or penalty that he owes the state department of revenue. Typically, the warrant is filed... Read More »