What is a dessert you can make with flour,eggs,milk,and sugar?

Answer Crepes don't need any baking soda or baking powder. But if you have either of those, there are 1000s of recipes for cakes and cookies on the web.

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What kind of fruit is best to make dessert And what is your favorite dessert?

What is the freezing point of sugar water with 23.3 percent by weight of sugar?

Adding sugar to water depresses its freezing point. A 23.3 percent solution of sugar water freezes at -12.67 degrees. Different amounts of sugar in water result in different freezing points.Referen... Read More »

I have flour, water, oil, sugar... What can i make with it?

What is a fast and easy to make rock candy with corn oil, water, and sugar?

This is rock candyish combine in a sauce pan one cup of sugar and a quarter cup of water mix until thoroughly combined and the water is thoroughly dispersed throughout the sugar heat over high heat... Read More »