What is a desktop organizer?

Answer A desktop organizer is a compartment that organizes, sorts, files and keeps papers and other items neat, ready and within reach on a desk. Sizes range from small to large. Many also hold pens, penc... Read More »

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How to Organize My Rack Desktop Organizer?

Distributing your reference materials, file folders and papers in a rack desktop organizer will keep your current correspondence strategically arranged, saving you the time previously lost in sear... Read More »

Is it good to buy all in one desktop pc or ordinary desktop I heard that all in one desktop has issues?

Get a normal desktop. All-In-Ones tend to be like giant laptops - you can't upgrade them. In fact, you void the warranty on some of them if you open them up.... even if you're just cleaning dust.... Read More »

What is an LLC organizer?

A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business structure common with small businesses because it allows them to blend elements of corporations and partnerships into their companies. An org... Read More »

I own desktop. Recieved wireless system for laptop. Everything is compatible with desktop except PC card. HELP?

It depends on what kind of connection your wireless router accepts. If it accepts 802.11 B and 802.11 G (the most common ones) then you can get any card that is B or G. You need a PCI card or a USB... Read More »