What is a desiccator jar?

Answer Desiccator jars are found in laboratories and science-minded facilities around the world. They are commonly used to store chemicals that react to or can be altered by atmospheric humidity.Descripti... Read More »

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Why use a desiccator?

Desiccators are designed to store substances in a dry or very low-humidity environment. Certain desiccators have the ability to vacuum seal their inside environment. These types of storage devices ... Read More »

What is a desiccator used for?

Desiccators are sealable containers that are used to keep sensitive items in a low-humidity atmosphere. They are often used to keep water-reactive chemicals dry, though they have electronic and aer... Read More »

What is a lab desiccator?

A lab desiccator is an air-tight storage container that keeps an object in dry atmosphere. The bottom of the lab desiccator is filled with a drying agent, a desiccant, such as calcium chloride. An ... Read More »

What is a laboratory desiccator?

A desiccator is an airtight plastic or glass container that contains a moisture-absorbing compound (called a desiccant or drying agent) in the bottom. Chemists use desiccators to both dry compounds... Read More »

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