What is a describing word for a tree?

Answer Tall, grand, sturdy, leafy, green, old, strong... I can't think of anymore! Sorry!

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What plant am I describing?

I really don't know but it was a very risky thing to eat from a plant you knew nothing about.Do you still live in that area or do you have contact with anyone still there. It would be good if some... Read More »

What does context mean in describing art?

When describing art, context means the environment in which the work was created. Context can refer to a physical setting, historical time, social setting or political climate. Understanding the co... Read More »

What are some words describing leadership?

A leader could be: loyal, trustworthy, honest, noble, patient, etc. Hope this helps! :-)

What Models Are Useful in Describing the Growth of a Population?

The world population first reached one billion people in the year 1800. Current projections suggest that the world's seven billionth person will be born in October or November of 2011. The models u... Read More »