What is a describing word for a tree?

Answer Tall, grand, sturdy, leafy, green, old, strong... I can't think of anymore! Sorry!

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What's the SUV I'm describing?

It could be a GMC Yukon which is identical to a Chevrolet tahoe or a nissan pathfinder. Or it could be something else but i would look those up first and see if one of those are it.

How do I make a family tree on Microsoft Word 2007?

Open the Template MenuSelect "new" from the "office button" after opening Microsoft Word 2007. This opens a menu of options that allows you to choose a template to create a family tree.Search for F... Read More »

What plant am I describing?

I really don't know but it was a very risky thing to eat from a plant you knew nothing about.Do you still live in that area or do you have contact with anyone still there. It would be good if some... Read More »

What does context mean in describing art?

When describing art, context means the environment in which the work was created. Context can refer to a physical setting, historical time, social setting or political climate. Understanding the co... Read More »