What is a deposition?

Answer Although many legal cases are decided in a courtroom, a great deal of preparation goes on outside the courtroom, before a trial begins. One essential part of legal work outside the courtroom is the... Read More »

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How to Arrange to Take Someone's Deposition?

A deposition is an interview given under oath and out of court. Generally, depositions are used to find out what an individual would say if he were summoned to testify during a trial. The opposing ... Read More »

What is a certificate of deposition?

A certificate of deposition is completed by the stenographer or court reporter who attends, records and later transcribes a deposition. It accompanies the deposition transcript and, in some jurisd... Read More »

What Determines Fat Deposition?

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How to Transcribe a Deposition?

A deposition is the legal record of testimony; prepared by either a court reporter or an electronic recorder. When the document is being taken down, it is coded in shorthand. With the right softwar... Read More »