What is a demo car?

Answer Working as a manager or supervisor at a car dealership comes with the perk of getting to drive a demo car (or demonstration car) for the life of your employment. Although a demo car is excellent fo... Read More »

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What is the definition of a demo car?

Demo cars, or demonstration cars, are automobiles that have been driven by car salesmen and managers but are classified as new, and sold at discounted prices. Demo cars often can have significant m... Read More »

What is Army"demo pay"?

Demolition pay, often referred to as "demo pay," is an extra sum of money given to troops responsible for the disposal of explosives. A book entitled "Army Officer's Guide," authored by Keith Bonn ... Read More »

What is the Casio piano demo song?

Casio pianos feature two demonstration songs. The first is Casio's rendition of "Lieberstraume Number 3" by Franz Liszt. The second is an untitled jazz piece that's on later models of the Casio pia... Read More »

My band plans on recording a demo in the near future and we're wondering what hardware we need to record?

Ok First you need some hardware like 1) Audio Mixer 2) Audio patch machine 3) equaliser Amplifier ( some time you can get all in one Recording instrument) 4) Computer set having CD/DVD writer 5) A... Read More »