What is a demand letter from the IRS?

Answer All taxpayers should pay the IRS all income taxes owed on or before April 15 annually. If the tax is not paid in full by April 15, the IRS will begin to take enforcement action in an effort to coll... Read More »

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What is a demand letter?

A demand letter is sent when you are trying to get the recipient to honor a contractual agreement or correct a specific problem. In some cases, a demand letter must be mailed before you take someon... Read More »

If a mother writes a letter giving custody of her children to the grandmother can the grandmother demand child support from the mother?

Answer The grandmother would need to gain legal custody before she can petition the court for monetary support. Unless the court terminated the rights of the mother she probably would be ordered to... Read More »

How to Send a Demand Letter to AmeriCredit?

Sending a demand letter to AmeriCredit serves as official notice that the company must fulfill a legal obligation, such as rectifying a problem or honoring a disregarded portion of the contract. Th... Read More »

Procedures for a Demand Settlement Letter?

A settlement demand letter is a letter that starts a legal negotiation. The letter states what your problem or grievances are and what you believe would be a proper way to settle the issue at hand.... Read More »