What is a defragment utility?

Answer A defragment utility reorganizes hard drive files and space. Computers store files wherever space is available, and one file can split into several pieces. This causes bits of information to scatte... Read More »

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How to Defragment PST?

Microsoft Outlook stores a user's email and other personal data in Personal Storage Table (PST) files. Like other files on a Windows computer, PST files become fragmented over time. Fragmentation m... Read More »

How to Defragment Hiberfil?

In Windows, "hibernation" is a low-power state in which the contents of the computer's memory are saved to the hard drive and the computer is shut off completely. When the computer is turned back o... Read More »

How often should you defragment your computer?

monthly is good but it depends how much crap you are doing to your computer

Can anyone tell me how to defragment my brain?

ya its a simple technique, if u have the will power to continue it properly for a month, you can feel amazing changes in you, here it is how to do,1. in the evening between 6:00pm to 9:00 pm, find ... Read More »