What is a deferred annuity?

Answer A deferred annuity is one of several types of annuities available for individuals to purchase. There are tax and contribution advantages that will accumulate money faster within this type of financ... Read More »

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How much can be contributed to a tax-deferred annuity?

No IRS regulations restrict the amount of money you may contribute to an annuity. If any deposit limits exist, the annuity provider created them, a common occurrence. Most annuity providers place a... Read More »

Tax Deferred Annuity Regulations?

An annuity is an investment product sold by insurance companies to investors; the investor makes either one lump sum premium payment or periodic payments into the account. Annuities serve as a reti... Read More »

What is a deferred annuity superannuation?

A deferred annuity superannuation is a lump sum payment that is not paid to a person until a future date. Most deferred annuity superannuations are paid at age 65 or when a person retires from a fu... Read More »

Deferred Annuity Problems?

Annuities provide guaranteed income to you during retirement. This guaranteed income replaces the need for you to manage your own investments. Some annuities, called deferred annuities, defer the p... Read More »