How to Use Humor As a Defense Mechanism?

Answer There are situations when we have to turn on our defense mechanism. What can be better than laughing it off?

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Is a fever a defense mechanism for the human body. What will happen if a fever is allowed to run it's course?

According to Homeopathy, a fever IS the body's defense against bacteria or viruses. Some bacteria and viruses can not survive in very warm temperatures so this is the body's way of "cooking" it to... Read More »

Is the Defense Threat Reduction Agency part of the defense department?

The process by which the Department of Defense achieves the closest practicable cooperation among the Services and Defense agencies is?

What is the mechanism of olfactory adaptation?

Olfactory refers to the sense of smell. Olfactory adaptation is the decreasing response of the olfactory sense in response to continued exposure to a scent. In other words, the nose becomes accusto... Read More »