What is a defense attorney?

Answer Defense attorneys are assigned to or hired by the accused. They gather evidence, interview witnesses, research precedents and defend their clients in court. They counsel clients about their legal r... Read More »

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Defense Attorney Strategies?

Defense attorneys represent individuals who are charged with a crime or presented with a lawsuit. The chief responsibility of a defense attorney is to ensure that his client is found not guilty and... Read More »

What is the purpose of a defense attorney?

In the United States, everyone arrested and accused of a crime has a right to an attorney to defend them and represent their interests in a court of law. The purpose of a defense attorney is to ful... Read More »

Who was the defense attorney for Hideki Tojo?

During his trial in front of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East after World War II, Japanese general Hideki Tojo's main defense attorney was Ichiro Kiyose, who would go on to beco... Read More »

What is the monthly salary of a defense attorney?

The monthly salary for a defense lawyer varies with experience, location and employer. For example, the average yearly salary for a defense attorney working for a local government is $73,410, or $6... Read More »