What is a default judgment?

Answer You are required to attend a trial if you are being sued in a court of law. A default judgment occurs when a court case is decided against you, in favor of the plaintiff, if you fail to show.Signif... Read More »

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What does default judgment mean?

A default judgment is a binding judgment that is handed down favoring the person initiating a lawsuit (the plaintiff) in a court case. This type of judgment occurs when the person being sued (the d... Read More »

Judgment by Default Vs. Settlement?

A judgment by default -- more commonly known as a default judgment -- and a settlement are two possible outcomes of a civil legal dispute. Both resolutions typically come before a trial has run its... Read More »

What Happens When You Default on a Judgment in Colorado?

If you receive a summons but fail to show up on the date of your trial, you are at risk of receiving a default judgment. For Colorado residents, laws are structured so that default judgments give c... Read More »

How to File a Motion for a Default Judgment?

A default judgment is one which is entered in favor of the plaintiff in the absence of the defendant. These types of judgments take place when a defendant has refused to appear to defend a lawsuit ... Read More »