What is a decent free HD video editing software?

Answer Free editors: Windows Movie Maker (it might already be installed on your computer)…Ezvid Videopad Read More »

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What is the best free video editing software out there?

Cinelerra is pretty good if you take the time to learn it, but it's not available for WindowsIf you want to try it out, I think cinelerra is on the Knoppix Live CD: than... Read More »

Free video editing software?

The only somewhat good FREE ones ore those that come with your system, which would either be Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. The few other ones are horrible. The one that I use are really expensive,... Read More »

What's the best [free] video editing software?

if you're uing windows, look for Windows Movie Maker. if you're using mac, look for iMovie.both would already be installed to your computer, and are easy to use. there are lots of great tutorials o... Read More »

What is a good free video editing software?

These two programs are light years ahead of Windows Movie Maker, in Video Editing Abilities. Takes a bit of work, but they are free.Pinnacle Studio 14 HD Ultimate & Sony Vegas Pro 10Screen Shot - ... Read More »