What is a dead beat dad?

Answer A deadbeat dad is a parent that does not accept financial support or responsibility for his children. It normally applies to separated or divorced parents. The term deadbeat dad can also apply to e... Read More »

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Sorry to beat a dead horse, but.....?

It comes down to trust. If you don't trust someone are you going to give them access to your kids. The ones who don't trust the president( which is their right in this country) Are worried about no... Read More »

Dead Beat Dad Laws in Tennessee?

When couples with children divorce or separate, it is often up to state court systems to decide who retains custody of children. When one parent is not around or is unable to support a family, the ... Read More »

How to Get Back-Child Support From Dead Beat Dads?

Not paying child support is a violation of Federal Law. Not paying child support for two years could become a felony if the dollar amount racks up to $10,000. Child support is a serious issue for f... Read More »

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