How does a cyborg help us?

Answer If you are referring to the planet to which he went into voluntary exile, where Luke Skywalker found him, then then answer is Dagobah.

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Was the terminator a cyborg?

If you mean the Schwarzenegger terminator, then yes. His insides were metal, but his skin was living tissue. All other terminators are cyborgs, too (except for the mimetic poly-alloy ones, like T-1... Read More »

Is a cyborg stronger than an android?

Perhaps it is emotionally. An android is a humanoid robot while a cyborg is a human or other organic organism combined with robotic machinery. It's hard to say since androids now can be tipped over... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Cyborg Character?

A cyborg is a half-human, half-robot creature in science fiction. There are some online tools that allow you to create these cyborg character avatars for free. Since cyborgs are fictional character... Read More »

Was Cyborg from Teen Titans in an accident?

yes If you watch the episode " go" you will see how they meet. And starfire in the episode where cyborg goes undercover to the hive she saids how she thinks he looks normal because she didn't know ... Read More »

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