Do you like pie because i like pie tell me what pie you like ?

Answer CherryAppleLemon

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What do u like ur girl to be- 1.cute 3.beautiful

Rather than being hot or sexy or cute,i'd prefer beautiful cuz beauty is significance of a woman, and a beautiful woman can look sexy or hot but its not the other side. . .Go zing. . . . .

Can anybody think of good Facebook status games (Ex: like this and I'll tell you what I like about you)?

inbox me a question, any question, and i'll answer as honestly as i can.first person to like this status will be my profile picture for 24 hours. post this in your status. i call choosing the picture!

Cute way to tell husband I'm pregnant?

i would give hm a card saying dear daddy cant wait to meet you in 9 your baby

How to Tell if a Girl Thinks You're Cute?

This is a wikiHow to tell if a girl thinks you're cute when you're about 12-14.