What is the difference between a cute looking girl and a beautiful/hot girl?

Answer A cute girl is one that has some innocence to her and is pretty in an angelic kind of way. Ummm.......Emma Watson ( the Harry Potter chick).Hot girl is one that is attractive more like in a sensual... Read More »

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What ar cute uncommon girl names?

What are cute good girl names?

Are you trying to find the right girl- Holly Amy Daisy Rose Sophie

What do u like ur girl to be- 1.cute 3.beautiful

Rather than being hot or sexy or cute,i'd prefer beautiful cuz beauty is significance of a woman, and a beautiful woman can look sexy or hot but its not the other side. . .Go zing. . . . .

GUYS: What makes a girl look cute?

be modest, dont flash your body around.Dont put on too much make up onDont act like a *****I guess its the personality, looks yes but only if its not overdone.