Is it manly to write a valentine's day poem for a girlfriend?

Answer On One Hand: Social Constructs.Oftentimes certain activities are associated with masculinity and femininity. Traditional social constructs say that women are more in tune with their emotions than m... Read More »

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Are me and my girlfriend cute together?

yes,you guys are a very cute couple,you seem like a really nice guy.everyone who is saying that is not you and saying they have seen that picture on photobucket alot of people have themselves on th... Read More »

How to Think of Cute Names for Your Girlfriend?

This article advises you how not to be ineffectual in what you say.

Cute forward texts to send to people?

am i1 - beautiful2 - cute3 - okay do you1- like me2 - love me3 - dislike meto you i am a 1 - crush2 - friend3 - aquaintance

Can your parents send your boyfriend or girlfriend to jail if you move in with them at the age of 17 in the state of Missouri?

Answer In most states there is a four year law now in affect.If the person is more than four years older than you and over the legal age of 18,the answer would be yes if not,no.Call your local H... Read More »