What is a cute email address involving a name The name is Gianna.?


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A new email address name?

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How to Find a Real Name From an Email Address?

If you receive an email from someone that you do not know, you may be able to learn their identity. Instead of deleting the email or sending it to your Spam folder, you can run a reverse email sear... Read More »

How to Find Someones Email Address by Their Screen Name?

If you have been communicating with somebody through an instant messenger program like AOL or AIM, and the only thing you know is his screen name, there are some ways you can dig up information abo... Read More »

How do I delete a name from a Juno email address book?

Option 1Highlight the address book entry to delete. Press the "Delete" key, or click "Delete." See the entry be permanently erased from the address book.Option 2Right-click the entry. Select "Delet... Read More »