What is a current transformer?

Answer A current transformer (CT) is a tool used to measure AC current. The CT detects magnetic fields emitted from the AC current and turns them into a secondary current to measure amplitude output.Sourc... Read More »

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How to Calculate Current Transformer Accuracy?

The electrical and electronics fields usually use ammeters to measure current through a given circuit. However, in instances where the current is too great, ammeters are not used to measure it dire... Read More »

Who invented the alternating current transformer in 1885?

Nikola Tesla invented alternating current in the 1880s. Unable to interest anyone in Europe with his invention, Tesla moved to the United States and worked under Thomas Edison. He invented in 1891 ... Read More »

Can a 50 VA transformer replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump?

A 50 VA (volt-ampere) transformer can replace a 40 VA transformer in a heat pump. The new transformer can yield a maximum of 50 VA; however, it will only supply the power the heat pump demands. In ... Read More »

How to Find the Current in a Parallel RLC Circuit Using the Current Divider Rule?

A parallel RLC circuit is comprise of resistors, a capacitor and an inductor arranged parallel to each other. This arrangement means that the circuit has two branches connected separately across th... Read More »