What is a curio cabinet?

Answer The word "curio" is defined as a curious or unique knickknack or small art piece. A curio cabinet is a large cabinet with a glass front for the storage of collections of small items, such as figuri... Read More »

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How do I easily clean a curio cabinet?

DustDampen a lint-free cloth rag. Gently wipe the glass and mirrors of the curio cabinet. Start inside, and work your way out. Dust the wood going in the same direction as the wood's grain. Remove ... Read More »

How to Build a Wall Mounted Curio Cabinet?

If you're having trouble finding the perfect wall-mounted cabinet to house your collections, build one yourself. By undertaking the creation of your curio, you can control the size and color, as we... Read More »

What is a curio?

If you love collecting exclusive items to decorate your home, chances are you've purchased a curio or two. Curios can be found in a variety of places, and some may prove to become treasured possess... Read More »

How to Get a Curio & Relics FFL?

A federal firearms license, or FFL, allows individuals or companies to own and sell firearms and ammunition. A curio and relics FFL is a special permit that is offered to collectors of antique and ... Read More »