How do you cure your hangovers?

Answer oh god let me tell you.lolol i use to get them really bad i couldnt move felt like my head coming off my shoulders... anyway i get up dont!!!lay around makes it worse i take 2 alieve before i go ou... Read More »

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I have the mother and father of all hangovers: any ideas for a cure Other than sawing my own head off?

sorry but i am a bit late , it must have gone by now , or have you got anew one , i always drink a lot of water in the last hour before I go to bed and i take on tablet before going to sleep but d... Read More »

What are good cures for hangovers?

WOW a lot on non drinkers out there!the 10 step program where the cure is prevention.1.) eat some normal food before you you go out.2.) do as before mentioned, drink a couple glasses of water befor... Read More »

What is the best alcohol to drink to avoid hangovers.?

Alcohol when consumed in like amounts does not matter what source its comes from-beer-liquior-wine-matters not. One suffers a hangover when too much alcohol enters the body than the liver cannot pr... Read More »

What effect does an airplane flight have on hangovers?

None. You feel terrible whether in the air or on the ground.