What is a cultured pearl necklace?

Answer A cultured pearl necklace is a necklace made with pearls that are produced with human interaction. Natural pearls form in a mollusk by pure chance. Cultured pearls are produced when a human introdu... Read More »

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What is the value of a Deltah pearl necklace?

Deltah pearl necklaces are often traded on eBay. Their prices generally range from $15 to $600. If you have the original boxes and certificates, your pearls will be worth more. The company is now c... Read More »

What building in Chicago has the giant pearl necklace?

That's the Smurfit Stone Building. I've never even been to Chicago, yet I still knew what you were talking about. What the hell is wrong with me? BTW, this is the sexiest skyscraper question EVA... Read More »

How to Make a Pearl Necklace?

Making a pearl necklace allows you to custom select the color and size of the pearls. It also lets you make a necklace long or short enough to fit your style preference or neck size. Use these step... Read More »

How to Clean A Pearl Necklace?

Once so valuable that the Roman general Vitellius was rumored to have sold his mother's pearl earrings to finance a military campaign, pearls continue to hold their allure as a feature piece of jew... Read More »